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Marble Inlay Table Tops

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Marble Table Tops are available in various designs, styles, shapes and size. Marble table tops are basically made on Black marble i.e. Karappa Stone (found in southern India) & white marble. The major shapes of a marble table tops are rectangular, circular, square, octagonal. There are so many types of colourful designs available in our stock, few example are shown below.

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Marble Inlay Table Tops
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Octagonal Table Tops

HSTT-6001 HSTT-6002 HSTT-6003 HSTT-6004
HSTT-6005 HSTT-6006 HSTT-6007 HSTT-6008
HSTT-6009 HSTT-6010 HSTT-6011 HSTT-6012
HSTT-6013 HSTT-6014 HSTT-6015 HSTT-6016
HSTT-6017 HSTT-6018 HSTT-6019 HSTT-6020

Square Table Tops

HSTT-6021 HSTT-6022 HSTT-6023 HSTT-6024
HSTT-6025 HSTT-6026 HSTT-6027 HSTT-6028
HSTT-6029 HSTT-6030 HSTT-6031 HSTT-6032
HSTT-6033 HSTT-6034 HSTT-6035 HSTT-6036
HSTT-6037 HSTT-6038 HSTT-6039 HSTT-6040
HSTT-6041 HSTT-6042 HSTT-6043 HSTT-6044
HSTT-6045 HSTT-6046 HSTT-6047 HSTT-6048
HSTT-6049 HSTT-6050 HSTT-6051  

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